Personalized and created just for you

Unique, Tramontano Style

Tramontano customers can count on the Atelier Service with which they can satisfy any whim, ordering a bag, a suitcase, or an object for their home with their own design.

True luxury has always been combined with the uniqueness of the product itself. Tramontano can satisfy the desire to own a “tailor-made” object, a personalized, unique, different and exclusive accessory.
Each customer can select a handbag, a travel bag, a personal item, or even a piece of furniture from the Tramontano archives and choose to have it in the preferred color, in a particular type of leather or with metal details in the desired finish, with a dedication or with the engraving of their initials.
Each customer can even imagine a particular bag or an accessory and tell it, and “design it”. In the Tramontano workshops, it will become an exclusive object, the bag of one’s wishes.


Tell us your idea, we will realize it just for you

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If you want to create a bag entirely designed by you, you can contact the master craftsmen at Tramontano’s that will help you create your unique and inimitable model according to your needs. Explain us exactly what you want: shapes, colors, materials, and details; we will realize the model for you creating “your” bag.




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